Ape Cave

Me examining a small crevice in Ape Cave at Mt. St. sthelens_2

Mt. St. Helens

A view of Mt. St. Helens from the Blue Lake Trail while backpacking

Sunset along Mt. St. Helens Loowit Trail

Sunset along the Loowit trail while backpacking at Mt. St. Helens.

Ozette Island

A view of Ozette Island from near Cape Alava

Atop Rattlesnake Mountain Ridge

View of the Cascade range from the top of the Rattlesnake Ridge trail on Rattlesnake Mountain

Florida Forest

A view of the forest in Tarkiln Bayou State Park in Florida


Gopro photo of me doing a tandem paraglide off Poo Poo Point

Mt. Rainier

View of Mt. Rainier in the distance from hot air balloon

Cascades from Hot Air Balloon

View of the cascade range from hot air balloon

Kayaking Rattlesnake Lake

View of Mt. Teneriffe and Mt. Si while kayaking Rattlesnake Lake

Pond near Deer Lake

View of a pond near Deer Lake in Sol Duc region of Olympic National Park

Deer Lake

View of Deer Lake in Sol Duc region of Olympic National Park

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Falls in the Sol Duc region of Olympic National Park

Devil's Punch Bowl

View looking down at underwater cliff near Devil's Punch Bowl in Olympic National Park

Lake Crescent

View of Lake Crescent from near Devil's Punchbowl in Olympic National Park

Along Spruce Railroad Trail

View of Lake Crescent from along the Spruce Railroad Trail in Olympic National Park

Chenius Falls

View from standing in the wading pool at the bottom of Chenius Falls

Atop God's Thumb

Overlooking the Oregon Coast from Atop God's Thumb

God's Thumb

Looking out at God's Thumb on the Oregon coast

Footprints in The Dunes

Looking back from where we had come as we hiked the Oregon Dunes

Oregon Dunes

Looking at the coastal forest across the dunes

Ancient Lake

Overlooking Ancient Lake from Ancient Lake Falls

Atop Steamboat Rock

The view below from atop Steamboat Rock

Steamboat Rock

From one section of Steamboat Rock, looking towards another section

Cascade Mountains

From along Palouse to Cascades Trail

Sand Point

View of Sand Point along the pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula

Ocean View from Deception Pass Park

View of ocean from outcropping that required minor scramble

Atop Sugarloaf

From the summit of Mt. Sugarloaf near Anacortes

Sunset on Whidbey Island

Sunset taken on a beach on Whidbey Island

Beach on Whidbey Island

Taken on a beach on the west side of Whidbey Island

Me Near Lower Rattlesnake Ledge

A winter hike up to lower Rattlesnake Ledge

Overlooking North Dakota Badlands

Near Painted Canyon

Me in Toadstool Geologic Park

Looking Over a Hill in Toadstool Geologic Park

Toadstool Geologic Park

Looking Over Toadstool Geologic Park

Atop Black Elk Peak

View of Black Hills from Near The Summit of Black Elk Peak

Storms near Black Elk Peak

Looking Towards Quickly Approaching Storms from Black Elk peak

Custer State Park

A Lake in Custer State Park

Bear Lake

Bear Lake near Spokane

Carbon Glacier

Carbon Glacier from Wonderland Trail near Dick Creek Camp

Cascades at Sunset

Cascade Mountains from the Wonderland Trail near Sunrise at Sunset

Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake from the Wonderland Trail

Cascade Mountains from Wonderland Trail

Cascade Mountains in the distance from Wonderland Trail near Sunrise

Volcano in Distance

A volcano - likely Glacier Peak - from the Wonderland Trail near Berkeley Park

Ipsut Valley

Ipsut and Carbon Valleys in the distance from Ipsut Pass on the Wonderland Trail

Mowich Lake

View of Mowich lake from the Wonderland Trail

Rainier and Little Tahoma

View of Rainier and Little Tahoma from Wonderland Trail above White River Camp

Sunrise Meadow

Meadow near Sunrise from above on Wonderland Trail

Looking Out At Rainier

Me looking out at Mt. Rainier from the Wonderland Trail above White River Camp

Fryingpan Creek Valley

Overlooking Fryingpan Creek Valley from above Summerland on Wonderland Trail

Above Summerland

Wonderland Trail above Summerland moving towards Panhandle Gap

Martha Falls

Martha Falls along Stevens Creek

Kneeling at Stevens Creek

Me kneeling to rest near Stevens Creek along Wonderland Trail

Near Cowlitz Divide

Looking out from near the Cowlitz Divide along Wonderland Trail

Carbon Glacier

The Carbon Glacier from along Carbon River near the lower crossing

Carbon River View

View of mountain in distsance from the Carbon River Trail

Overlooking Louise Lake

Me overlooking the not quite visible from this angle Louise Lake

Louise Lake

From the Wonderland Trail above Louise Lake

Reflection Lakes

A photo from a winter hike on the Wonderland Trail near Reflection Lakes

Buried Sign on Trail

Buried sign on the Wonderland Trail near Reflection Lakes, reflecting depth of snow

Carter Falls

Me checking out Carter Falls on Wonderland Trail near Cougar Rock

Rainier from Rampart Ridge

View of Rainier from Wonderland Trail near Rampart Ridge

Wonderland Trail

Me on Wonderland Trail towards Devil's Dream Camp

Green Lake

View of Green Lake and towering mountains behind near Carbon River Trail

Carbon River

View of Carbon River Along the Carbon River Trail

Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls near Paradise in the winter

Trail to Myrtle Falls

The snow covered trail to Mytrle Falls

Heather Lake

Me taking in the view at Heather Lake in the winter

Tiger Mountain

Me looking out at the view from a portion of Tiger Mountain

Poo Poo Point

The view on a rainy morning from Poo Poo Point

Wallace Falls

View of wallace falls from vantage point

Wallace River Valley

View of Wallace River and valley from Wallace Falls

Twin Falls

View of Twin Falls from vantage point

Coal Creek Falls

View of Coal Creek Falls near Cougar Mountain

Cedar River

Overlooking Cedar River from the Cascade foothills

Rattlesnake Lake

View of Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend, Rattlesnake Ledges in the background

Lake Georgetown

View of Lake Georgetown from the Good Water Trail

San Gabriel Trail

Taken along the San Gabriel Trail in Georgetown

North Bend Valley

Overlooking North Bend Valley from the summit of Little Si

Salt Lake Sunrise

Sunrise on the Great Salt Lake near Antelope Island

The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake from near Antelope Island

Siskiyou Mountains

View of Sunset in Siskiyou Mountains on Golden Townsite Trail

Little Si Summit

The summit of Little Si in winter


This is my site archiving photos from my mundane adventures. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are from different hikes, walks, kayak trips, or other activities I've done outdoors. I don't include general travel photos here, these photos are purely things I've found while actually "doing things" outside, not just driving to a place and taking a photo. Photos are taken by me, except the ones of me which are instead taken by my partner. I hope you enjoy :)